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"One thing’s for sure, Evan is tuning into something different ... the realest Evan, that Evan knows how to be, at any given point in time, he’s a musician/spirit/soul/mind truly to be reckoned with. Don’t feel he caters to, or bows to, anything other than his own muse, but still, at the same time, inspired by the world of musicians, and the whole rest of the world, around him. he has integrity. he’s a universe-creator. sounds from whomever and whatever, including his own, move him to create universes that adhere to his own evolving, unique, universe-building, vision, which, itself, at the same time, is constantly affected, impacted upon, by what he perceives, inside and outside himself…he strikes me, just now, as a kind of contemporary Duke Ellington, in that Ellington made deep, extensive use of the musics made by the respective musicians in his band, to create the Duke Ellington sound. Miles, Ornette, Coltrane, and Cecil, among others, are like that too."

Daniel Carter, Acclaimed Multi-Instrumentalist, 577 Records Co-founder and Instigator

"I can not remember hearing a record with such good sound ... everything is like a whole new musical experience." 


"An excision of pain, solitude and oppression and a celebration of community."


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